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Little old Essy counts 22 Years and recently finished her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Information Technology @ FHDW. Essy gets into way too many things at the same time and deals with them superficially while complaining about too little time for real life activities.
She is taking part in various conferences and congresses. This year she helped to organize the annual FrOSCon [Free Open Source Conference] by planning and mentoring the KidsTrack [Froglabs].
Since 2009 she has been a constant visitor of the annual Chaos Communication Congress. At the moment she dives into the world of ruby on rails by developing her own private series-management-webapplication with the help of TVRages API called goddess of series [she appreciates better name-suggestions so feel free to contact her]
In her freetime she deals with photography in general. She would also appreciate it if she would take the time to upload them.


This author is a human being and as you can read one that likes to categorize herself.
She's an 'instant expert in everything' if you add the internet and wait a few minutes.


Kinda likes nuts but won't reach them when they are at the the upper shelf of her kitchen cupboard.


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